Revelation of Ares

Revelation of Ares

Book Title: Revelation of Ares

Author: Dalai Lama

Format: Hardback | 788 pages

Publication Date: 01 Dec 1996

ISBN-13: 9782901821076

When will the second coming of Christ occur? It already has. Potay claims that in 1974 he was visited 40 times by Jesus -- not as an apparition, but in a physical encounter as a man talks to another man (Exodus). Jesus spoke in French and commanded Potay to write down His words. Jesus told of God's displeasure with the direction of humanity and what action must be taken by each individual to recreate the world. For 40 days, Potay recorded Christ's words, which resulted in The Revelation of Ares.

The core of the book is a revelation: The Gospel Delivered in Ares (1974) and The Book (1977). Originally written in French, the current edition is paralleled by a skillful translation into English. In the introduction Potay points out that his writings are God's Word, supernatural but not religious, not political, not fictional. He stresses that God emphasizes man's freedom. He argues that old religious faith made of dogmas, worship and rules should be replaced by faith made of love, creativeness and freedom.